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When the work is captured as one image, it is actually difficult to see it purely. It always has something to do with the light of the place or something in the background. So if you bring something you create in your room to another space, it will naturally have a different meaning. When I used to do color printing in a darkroom, I used to finely manipulate the filters to determine the colors, but when I saw it outside, I was shocked to see that it was completely different. What was that time for? How to come to terms with this dilemma still shapes my style. Photos printed on transparent film depend on the background for color and brightness. I felt that I could strongly show that things change depending on the place. Conversely, it also means that all places can be treated equally.

The above is a sentence about the work, but various situations in reality are also related to this relativity. The way we see things is always the result of our own subjective thinking, and like colors, things can look completely different when viewed from another place or from another person. Such ambiguity sometimes torments us, but from a different perspective, it also means that the world is so rich. Setting aside whether I can express this in my work, I would like to accept the ambiguity, contradictions, and dilemmas that are there as they are and make use of them in my work.

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