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unfound photographs(2020)

People throw away many times more photos in order to select one photo. Photographers, of course, now take a lot of photos with the camera attached to their smartphone, and publish only a part of them on SNS. But on what grounds were they chosen? It was a good shot. Because it was taken cutely. Or is it simply because they couldn't show it unless they chose it? It goes without saying that the emphasis is on the completed image of the photograph. For the viewer, the most important thing is what and how it is photographed. It doesn't matter. However, for photographers, selecting is probably one of the most worrying acts, as it takes more time than shooting and printing. If you don't select, the photos will continue to pile up and will be forgotten in the closet (or HD or cloud) without being seen by anyone. In this work, in the production of my past work spectre (a series consisting of 16 images with the theme of color), I myself tear apart the images that were not selected, and in the destroyed images. The image selected again from is presented.


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